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CRAFTSMAN Marine In-Board engines are marine
Mitsubishi engine blocks (from 16 hp to 52 hp)
and based on Hyundai Kia (65 cv and 80 cv)
manufactured and marinisation in INDIA.
CM2.16 16hp based mitsubishi *
CM3.27 27hp based mitsubishi *
CM4.33 33hp based mitsubishi
CM4.42 42hp based mitsubishi *
CM4.48 48hp based hyundai
CM4.65 65hp based hyundai *
CM4.80 80hp based hyundai *
CM4.150 150hp based hyundai
* keel cooling on option

download manuals

  Craftsman engines & spare parts catalog (EN)
  Craftsman Alfa dashboards instrument panel manual (EN) 
  CM2.16 CM3.27 operator maintenance (EN)
  CM2.12 CM2.16 CM3.27 manuel maintenance (FR)
  CM2.16 CM3.27 Bedienungshandbuch (DE)
  CM2.16 spare parts catalogue (EN)
  CM3.27 spare parts catalogue (EN)
  CM4.33 CM4.42 operator maintenance (EN)
  CM4.33 CM4.42 Bedienungshandbuch (DE)
  CM4.33 CM4.42 spare parts catalogue (EN)
  CM4.65 CM4.80 operation maintenance (FR)
  CM4.65 CM4.80 operator maintenance (EN)
  CM4.65 CM4.80 Bedienungshandbuch (DE)
  CM4.65 CM4.80 spare parts catalogue (EN)

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Marine engines manuals List :
* Craftsman engine spare parts catalog
* Craftsman engine cm4.65 cm4.80 operation maintenance
* Craftsman engine cm4.65 cm4.80 operator maintenance
* Craftsman engine cm4.65 cm4.80 bedienungshandbuch
* Craftsman engine cm4.65 cm4.80 spare parts catalogue
* Craftsman engine craftsman alfa dashboards instrument panel manual
* Craftsman engine cm2.16 cm3.27 operator maintenance
* Craftsman engine CM2.12 CM2.16 CM3.27 manuel maintenance
* Craftsman engine cm2.16 cm3.27 bedienungshandbuch
* Craftsman engine cm2.16 spare parts catalogue
* Craftsman engine cm3.27 spare parts catalogue
* Craftsman engine cm4.33 cm4.42 operator maintenance
* Craftsman engine cm4.33 cm4.42 bedienungshandbuch
* Craftsman engine cm4.33 cm4.42 spare parts catalogue