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Founded by John Issac Thornycroft in 1859
and then in 1962 becoming part of British Leyland
Marine branch, then the company was solded to
differents manufacturers became a private company
as Thornycroft in 1995, manufacturing marine engines
up today. Thornycroft marinises Kubota base engines
marinised in U.K. but they also built their own engines
and then marinised engines built by AEC, BMC, Ford,
Cummins and Hino. They have a wide range of applications
and requirements as engines for yachts, motor cruisers,
river boats, barges and generators.
Thornycroft has a worldwide dealers and suppliers network.

download manuals

  Moody 35 & 425 owner manual T80 T110 Thornycroft engines  
  Moody owner manual (EN)
  T10 T15 T20 service manual (EN)
  T60 T80 service manual (EN)
  T90 T108 service manual (EN)
  T154 operator instruction manual (EN)
  T154 spare parts list (EN)
  TK50 data sheet (EN)

Marine engines manuals List :
* Thornycroft engine moody 35 & 425 owner manual t80 t110 thornycroft engines
* Thornycroft engine moody owner manual
* Thornycroft engine t10 t15 t20 service manual
* Thornycroft engine t60 t80 service manual
* Thornycroft engine t90 t108 service manual
* Thornycroft engine t154 operator instruction manual
* Thornycroft engine t154 spare parts list
* Thornycroft engine tk50 data sheet